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“I remember, 25 years ago, attending a seminar on federal criminal defense, says Sally G. Goodman. “It was a topic I was excited to learn about, but I noticed there was only one other woman in the room of 300 lawyers.”

It was OK to be a pioneer in criminal law, Sally G. Goodman decided, because so much was at stake, and being female helped her see things her colleagues missed.

Today she is board-certified in the practice of criminal law, a level few attorneys rise to. Other attorneys marvel at her attention to detail, the long hours she puts into preparation, the subtle advantage a defendant has, going into the courtroom accused of a terrible or disgusting crime, of being represented by a smart, caring woman.

What Sally G. Goodman Does

This is just a partial list representing pages on this website. A full list of all the criminal charges she defends against would be very long.

Sex Offenses

DWI Defense

Child Protection Defense

Other Criminal Offenses

Says Sally G. Goodman: “I am completely dedicated to my practice. I tell clients, ‘If I were you, I would want me for a lawyer.'”

Passionate defense against unpopular crimes! Call board certified Dallas criminal lawyer Sally G. Goodman at 214-748-3230.

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