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Three Crimes Classified As Assault In Texas

Assaults happen, or are alleged to happen, in just about any situation — in a bar, at a sport event, on the highway, in a parking lot, in the home or neighborhood. Sometimes they are attacks by one person on another, but more often they are complicated events in which both sides provoke the other.

In Class A assault, all a prosecutor has to prove is that the altercation resulted in the other person feeling pain. Many assault cases arise from incidents involving a simple slap or bumping into the other person. But simple actions can lead to a lot of legal hurt — up to a year in jail.

Aggravated assault requires serious bodily injury, which can lead to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Serious bodily injury must result in a significant risk of death, disfigurement or lasting impairment of some bodily function.

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon means that a weapon was involved: a knife, a gun, a car, a hockey stick, anything that might cause serious injury.

Dallas Assault Lawyer Sally G. Goodman

Whether you are accused of domestic violence or assault involving a nonfamily member, attorney Sally G. Goodman will work to show that the altercation in question did not happen as reported. Very often there is a misunderstanding, or one party has set the other one up, or whatever violence occurred was in self-defense.

Sally Goodman has handled many hundreds of assault cases. The law is complex, and knowledge as deep as hers, and preparation as thorough as hers, is likely to yield an outcome in your favor.

Arrested for assault? Board certified defense expert Dallas assault lawyer Sally G. Goodman can help. Call her at 214-748-3230 or describe your situation using this email form.

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