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Sally G. Goodman does not mince words.“I am passionate about criminal defense,” she says, “even of crimes that strike most people as reprehensible, such as child molestation and rape. Everyone who is accused of a crime should be vigorously defended. It’s a constitutional thing. And it matters a lot.

Dallas Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Sally G. Goodman

Sally G. Goodman provides vigorous defense to persons accused of sex crimes, DWI, drug crimes, weapons offenses, domestic violence and white collar crimes.

Solicitation · Sexual Assault · Child Pornography · Indecent Exposure ·
Computer Crimes

No crimes are as unpopular with the public as sexual offenses. Collateral consequences of conviction are often tacked-on, adding to the pain. The emotional toil of being accused is brutal — even when the accusations are false or exaggerated. That’s why it’s important to have a Dallas sex crime defense lawyer who will fight for your freedom and for your reputation.

Crimmigration And Sex Crime Defense In Dallas, Texas

A new phrase heard around courthouses is crimmigration: the combining of criminal defense and immigration law. Recent years have seen an upsurge in immigrant prosecutions and convictions. Many are deported without trial. Immigrants in Dallas face such a powerful crackdown that lawyers like Sally Goodman are blending the two disciplines into one.

If You Are Ever Arrested

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Call us the moment you are arrested (24-hour jail release). Do not talk to the police — let Sally do the talking. She can also help with your bond.

What Does It Mean To Be A Board Certified Dallas Criminal Defense

Board certification is a mark of excellence, a distinguishing accomplishment. It means that an attorney has substantial, relevant experience in a select field of law as well as demonstrated and tested special competence in that area of law.

Board certification means Sally G. Goodman can legally describe herself as an expert in criminal defense, with special capabilities in defending against misdemeanor and felony crimes, arrests, detentions, plea bargains, jury trials, appeals, and trials of juveniles.

Passionate defense against unpopular crimes — call Dallas criminal defense attorney Sally G. Goodman at 214-748-3230, or describe your predicament using this online form.

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